Can I Do the K1 Fiance Visa Myself?

U.S. citizens often ask, “Can I prepare the K-1 fiancee visa application myself?” “Is it hard to submit a K1 application” or “Do I need to hire an attorney to prepare the fiancé visa?” The answer is Yes, you can do it yourself, if you are prepared to do the following:

  1. Research and understand the K-1 regulations. What do they say? How do they apply to you? What procedures do you need to follow? What substantive elements do you need to satisfy?
  2. Where do you need to file? The USCIS website will provide information on where to file.      The address changes so be sure that the mailing address you are sending the application to is current.
  3. How much is the filing fee? Again, this changes as the USCIS has been consistently changing their filing fees. Interestingly, the filing fee has actually decreased while overseas Department of State fees associated with the fiancée visa have increased.
  4. Know your situation: is it typical and in line with the basic scenario that tracks theK-1 regulations? Or does it fall under one of the exceptions? If there are complications, it would be better to discuss with or let an attorney      handle it.
  5. How should it be organized? Once the necessary forms and supporting documentation is gathered, it is important to organize the paperwork in a way to show clearly that the application  meets K1 regulatory requirements. Doing so will minimize the chances of a misinterpretation of the information.

In sum, it is feasible to prepare the K-1 fiance visa petition by yourself. The question is whether you have the time, the desire, the careful nature to make sure all the requirements for the K1 visa are met. If not, then it would be better and easier to hire an attorney to assist with the fiancé visa application.

Theodore Huang, Esq. has been practicing business immigration, EB-5 investor, and family immigration law since 1997. Highly recommended on LinkedIn, Attorney Huang has written numerous articles on visa matters affecting foreign new hires, start-ups, and intracompany transfers. His articles have appeared on,,, and  For more information and a free consultation, please contact him immediately.


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