Is an Affidavit of Support necessary for the K1 fiance visa interview?

In a word, NO. The consular officer is primarily concerned about whether the fiancé(e) will become a public charge upon entering the U.S.A. If the applicant can show that the US citizen petitioner has adequate financial resources, the K-1 fiancee visa may be granted without the foreign fiancé(e) providing an affidavit of support.

Supporting documentation that can be helpful to show this includes but is not limited to federal tax returns, employment verification letter, and bank and savings account statements.

Having said the above, it is still helpful to provide an affidavit of support even though it may not be necessary. It is difficult to predict what a consular officer may be looking for, and producing an affidavit of support helps to cover the basis. It provides an organized breakdown of the US citizen petitioner’s available financial resources.

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