K1 Fiance Visa Administrative Processing in Rome, Italy

Administrative processing are the two words that a K1 fiance dreads hearing. Administrative processing occurs when after reviewing a case, a consular officer believes that there is missing information or that some kind of background check is necessary.

For consular officers at the US embassy in Rome, the embassy has stated clearly that officers will not provide an explanation regarding why the case is undergoing administrative processing. This only adds to the frustration and discouragement to the K-1 fiancee applicant. To add to the challenge, the US embassy has acknowledged that processing time varies and cannot be predicted as it depends on case volume.

The embassy does explain that the office checks for updates on all cases in administrative processing. Such status updates are performed twice a day which is encouraging to see. In addition, when the case has completed administrative processing, the embassy’s policy is to contact the applicant within one business day.

K1 fiancee visa applicants should prepare a petition that seeks to avoid the stress of administrative processing. We can help, for assistance, please contact our law office.

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