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  1. K-1 fiance(e) visa services.
  2. Marriage-fraud defense
  3. Immigrant visa petitions.
  4. Removal/deportation proceedings.
  5. General family-based immigration applications. 
  6. Social Security Disability hearings   

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Finding out that a loved one has been placed in immigration jail and faces deportation proceedings is stressful and overwhelming. Attorney Theodore Huang is available to help you and your loved one reunite as quickly as possible. For a free consultation 24/7, call now at (626) 771-1078. He is available on weekends.

Attorney Huang has personally prepared hundreds of successful K-1 fiancee visa and spousal visa petitions. We have clients from all over the USA and world, including China, Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia. Why Do-It-Yourself and risk making a mistake? Call now at (626) 771-1078 for a free consultation.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental disability, we can help you get money you paid into the Social Security system. Click HERE to go to our Social Security Disability website. Call us for a free review of your situation. You are not alone!

CAUTION! K-1 Fiancee Fraud!

Some unscrupulous foreign fiancees are using U.S. citizens to get money and a green card. Don't be victimized and risk losing tens of thousands of dollars while experiencing heartache and stress. We can examine your foreign fiancee and check for Red Flags. Click on the Don't Get Scammed link in the navigation bar above for more information.

Why Hire Attorney Huang?

  1. You will work with a lawyer who can answer questions and give you advice. Paralegals who give advice break the law!  
  2. Attorney Huang is highly recommended on LinkedIn
  3. Attorney Huang has years of experience, since 1997. 
  4. Our legal fees are competitive with other law offices; we offer military discounts.
  5. We answer questions promptly. 
  6. Mr. Huang gives back to his community by volunteering.
  7. For Social Security Disability applications, we only get paid if we recover!


Alleviate the stress of being away from your loved one. 
Get the Social Security Benefits you deserve.

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